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Unify your academic support offerings into one student and administrative-facing platform to increase accessibility, raise completion and retention while reducing program facilitation costs.
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Higher success rates with one unified academic support
experience for students, tutors, and administrators across
all programs
Academic Coaching
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Higher success rates with one
unified academic support
experience for students,
tutors, and administrators
across all programs
Higher success rates with one unified academic support experience for students, tutors, and administrators across all programs

How Unified Academic Support Changes Everything

Raise Student Retention
Raisman was right, you need to make academic support accessible! Academic support is often siloed and difficult to access. Ten years ago Raisman showed accessible academic was the #1 driver of student retention. That is even more true today!
Increase Staff Impact
Paper-based, siloed processes hurt everyone! They decrease access, reduce quality, and increase staff time on low value, administrative tasks rather than high value student support. Unifying academic support will make students and staff more successful!
Deepen Online Support
Online courses have a 10% to 20% lower retention rate than traditional courses. Research has shown proactive, holistic academic support increases online student success. However, support is often reactive and fragmented. Move to proactive, unified support to retain more online students.
Manage Support Cost
Campus are struggling to meet academic support needs given budget constraint. The pandemic created a perfect storm of constraints including declining enrollments, increased student support needs and pressure on staff headcount. Centralization makes it possible to scale without adding staff or budget.

Tedu LSS helps universities operate academic support for this new world

TEDU is Plug & Play

Our LSS can seamlessly integrate into your university's existing IT systems, allowing it to be fully operational in as little as 30 days.

That’s Accessible for Students

Increasing participation by making it easy for students to engage when and the way they want to – both online and offline.

Saves Universities Time and Money

Purpose-built and FERPA-compliant to automate the management, delivery, and reporting of academic support programs across departments.

While Delivering Smart Data that Drives Change

TEDU analytics track student progress and challenges so universities can optimize instruction and curriculum.

All In One Platform

Dedicated Academic Support Programs available on TEDU's Learning Support System
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Tutor Center
TEDU's dedicated Tutor Center Module is designed from the ground up to improve the student experience with tutoring availability on your campus while reducing the many operational challenges faced by administrators.
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Writing Studio
TEDU's Writing Studio Module was built explicitly for comprehensive writing centers looking for personalized processes dedicated to supporting student writing needs.
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Supplemental Instruction
TEDU has partnered with the International Center for Supplemental Instruction to develop a dedicated platform designed for advanced, impactful, and cost-effective SI program management and facilitation.
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Academic Coaching
As the demand for academic coaching has increased over the years, TEDU's Academic Coaching Module connects students with dedicated coaches on campus to develop the skills they need to succeed.
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Study Group
TEDU's Study Group Module enables students to enroll into official study groups for courses they are taking, guided by trained academic support team members for continuous support throughout the academic period.
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Peer-to-Peer Tutoring
What happens when a student needs support at 11:00 at night for a test in the morning? TEDU's P2P Module enables universities to qualify their students to become private tutors to help students when support is unavailable.
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Full Administrative Control

TEDU helps universities offer greater accessibility to academic support with less resources needed.
Centralized Portal
All academic support programs are unified under one administrative portal, making it easy for teams to scale programs and collaborate with other programs. Plus, all student accounts are automatically generated with real-time student data!
TEDU Analytics
All student engagement data with academic support offerings are automatically recorded, stored, and displayed in real-time for admins directly within TEDU's portal. Customize reporting to fit your department's needs and have them automatically generated and distributed to relevant team members!
TEDU Outreach
Increase student engagement with academic support programs by using TEDU Outreach. Our Outreach tool enables admins to create custom messaging campaigns to target student populations based on data to increase participation with programs.
Schedule Automation
Scheduling has always been a major pain point for academic support teams. TEDU uses data-driven processes to automatically create academic support schedules with the highest chance of student availability based on data.
Flexible Integrations
TEDU is an EdTech product that IT loves, as it only takes 4 to 6 weeks to be installed and operate on campus without any legacy integration issues. TEDU partnered with Canvas, Blackboard, and Ellucian to offer in-depth integrations.
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For Students
In-Person or Online Visit
In-person or Integrated Video Conferencing providing flexibility for students to choose how they would like to attend their sessions
Personal Sessions
Optimized Session Availability by integration through the LMS class schedules to filter only sessions available for each student to attend
Always in Touch
Automatic Push-Notifications directly to student's devices or emails, so they are aware of changes to their sessions
Mobile and Web Apps
Centralized Access for Students and Leaders/Tutors through TEDU's custom mobile application or web app with secured SSO log-in
For Universities
Monitor and Record student and tutor/leader session activity, attendance, and post-session academic performance
Full Customization
Automated Session Creation and Optimization based on student and leader availability with custom administration parameters
Flexible Integration
Flexible Integration through your Blackboard, Canvas, or Ellucian systems for seamless installation
Custom Scheduling
Fully Customizable Administration Portal to fine-tune TEDU LSS for your program requirements

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