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TEDU (pronounced "tee-doo") is a Miami-based education technology company founded by University of Miami graduate Nicolo Bates and City University of New York graduate Dmitry Osetrov in 2018. TEDU's mission is to enable higher education with sophisticated academic support technologies so that no student is left without access to the help they need to perform to their best ability in each class.

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What's next for TEDU?

TEDU's mission has always been to create an academic environment where no student is left without access to the academic assistance they need to achieve to the best of their ability in the classroom. As we continue to develop relationships with higher education institutions worldwide to improve their academic support processes for their students, we will also begin preparing for our next adventure: bringing TEDU's Learning Support System to the K - 12 school systems! If you are a public or private K - 12 school looking to improve access to out-of-classroom academic support, our team at TEDU would love to work with you! Please feel more than welcome to contact us directly to schedule a discovery call with our team.

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We strive to continuously enhance our relationships with universities, our partners, and work to connect our ideas with education process, while seeking opportunities to expand TEDU business and distribution.